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Very good game, very complete, a lot of options and a lot of fun. Very good plot and a nice and original way of developing your town. Very entertaining times.

Solo me sale un archivo .rar, que hago?

This game is very entertaining and style is colorful and cutie. I like the huge variety of options to do and content and nice development of characters.


wait, the thing here is just the demo? ):


yep sadly its just a demo you can go on steam to get it, sadly you do have to pay for it


fantastic game that my crapy laptop can handle cant wait for full release


el juego esta completo en steam pero es de pago entonces pone una demostracion gratis aca creo XD


the full release is out, but its on steam and its not free


it has released on steam in 2020



remember you need to have the right graphics driver opengl im not sure


This game is amazing. I love the sprites art and the stardew valley feeling from it. I really like peaceful simulator building kind of games and this is definitely one of them. The characters were fun to talk to and making my own community was really fun. Loved it overall


Really crappy of you to advertise your game on, but sell exclusively on other platforms. Plus you only link to steam, not gog. You're taking advantage of the indie game community in order to funnel money into steam's pockets, and fuel the market's obsession with unnecessary and ineffective DRM. Way to be a jerk.


sheesh chill out they just want to market there game and offer a free demo, is that gonna kill you, also imagine arguing with someone on the internet


The problem is that offering a demo here costs Littlewood nothing, but costs for hosting. If everyone put their demos here for free, but refused to sell their products here, then would disappear. It's not fair of Littlewood to take advantage of in this way, contributing nothing in return. It's very easy to upload games here, and the only reason not to is because they think we're not worth the time. It's inconsiderate, insulting, and potentially dangerous to do what Littlewood is doing.


Good point, still, I dont think that was there intention


Ya thank you for explaining.  Stem does allow trial/demo editions.  So if they want to go with Steam then why take up resources here.  If they want to use resources here then why sell on Steam. 

That's so good


"This is a free demo for Littlewood which is currently on Steam!"

And GoG, as that's where I bought mine! Great game BTW, veery addicting!


how do i download this? it is not a folder also why did you make it a .rar file


The game is inside the .rar file. If u can't open it then just download Winrar or 7-zip to be able to open .rar files. Then just open it and extract the game folder where ever you like


will there be spanish translation for the game? my english is very basic and sometimes i have to use the translator (i'm using it right now to write this)


Any info about when to expect the full Littlewood game on  Would LOVE to support DRM-free Littlewood!


I'd also be interested in buying this on


Well, it's also DRM-Free on GoG if that's any consolation...

whats DRM?

Software which makes it so you can't play your games.  An example would be software requiring that you authenticate to someone else's server before you can play your game, or requiring that  you're online before you can play your game.  Any such restrictions are anti-you, and if those services ever fail, or if you want to simply play your game without doing what they say, you can't, which means you don't actually own your own game.


I made a video on this.

is there a way to copy my demo save to the steam save?

if there is a ¨Saves¨ folder in both versions I reckon you could just drag your save from the demo version to the steam version. I might be wrong tho.


(I bought this on Steam but wanted to show support here too!)

This game is absolutely AMAZING! A total 10/10 for me and something I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys stuff like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, or any farming/crafting game in general. The controls feel great, the characters are cute and fun, and the game isn't punishing yet still feels like you need to put thought into the actions you take through the day. So excited to keep playing this!


I played couple of hours the steam version. I very like vision. I hope you will have a supportive community!


nice naming lol


This was a lot of fun! wish I could get the full game :/ good job!


I loved the demo, too bad I don't have the money to buy the full version.


i cant dowload the game

It wouldn't work on my windows. I downloaded it but I'm stuck on this screen.

You're supposed to extract the file you idiot.


what game engan did you make this with?



Any chance the final game will be released on Itch?


This game is amazing, I bought it on steam shortly after playing the demo. It combines perfect elements of town building, adventure, farming, and cute graphics. It's like harvest moon DS meets Animal Crossing. Easily has become one of my favorite games.


Just updated the Littlewood demos. Let me know if you run into any problems and I will upload a fix!

nice, thanks Sean! 

you might want to edit the opening sentence on the page though... its no longer an "ongoing" campaign... :)

it says demo not trailer on the link...... just, ya know, seems off to not have a playable demo.

(1 edit)

There was a demo (i played it) in early game development stage. I guess he removed it.

I seriously love this game! Made a seperate save file just for recording.

Whow reminds mee of the 80s lolol

Great Game! Made a gameplay video for my channel:

More coming soon!

Cute little game reminiscent of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. It's super casual and yet just as addicting. Good way to make a few hours disappear in the blink of an eye. Vibrant and beautiful graphics and very refreshing vibe to it overall. Will definitely play the full game!♡ 

Would you like your game to be in our JRPG game jam.. because its looks quite like it.


would be great on a console =/


Are you planning on making the full version of the game available on Itch when it finally leaves Early Access, or will it be Steam-only? I would love to buy it here if possible at that time.

Uhm.. Help please! How do I download  this demo version? I'm new to ^^'

The free demo download is actually on the Kickstarter page. Just click on the link, scroll down and hit the download. Littlewood also just released early access today too! 🥰

Aaah I see! Thanks! :)

Yeah, I know about the early access version. That's the reason  why I'm looking for the demo version in the first place: I would like to check out the game before actually buying it. ^^

I don't see it but I tend to miss things; is the demo available on the Steam page as well or strictly via Kickstarter?

I love this game! I can't wait for the rest of the game to come out! It's awesome! If you guys want to see some of the gameplay I made a video for it. Definitely recommend this game to anyone that liked Stardew Valley or just story games with some sort of RPG aspect.

play bout an hour. so far so good. only think that buggs me is not very comfortable walking.


I liked it a lot! It gives me a Stardew Valley feel, but you guys have definitely made it your own game and I think others are going to enjoy it too. Some constructive criticism: The walk cycle is a little bit hard to look at and seems to make to game lag or freeze. Another thing it that the controls that you have right now for PC are really hard to use and feel uncomfortable. And last but not least, it would be cool if you could rotate some of the items. Not all of them, I understand that the buildings are facing the viewer to make it easy to see the doorway, but if you could turn items like the bed it would be nicer. That's all I could think of as it was a really well thought out game and I can't wait to see the finished project.

The only thing I've found that rotates are chairs in the houses, and really it just flips them horizontally. After you pick the item up and it is in-'hand' press R to flip/rotate the item. Since it is a mechanic, I'd recommend trying it on different things and try them again after updates. (I was disappointed I couldn't rotate beds but I'll be happy with chairs facing tables for now.)

The one that really got me was that you can only place dirt road stairs up cliffs on the south side. I was going nuts trying to place one on the north side of a raised area for a while. Speaking of which, does anyone know if you can craft new dirt roads or is that a chest/reward item only? (Same goes for tilled soil)

Oh this was fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished product

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